Thank You

Thank you for reaching out to us! We appreciate your interest in our products

All of our models are designed to be compact and efficient, with low carrier bed heights for easier loading and increased stability

Our intuitive remote control systems provide smooth and fully proportional operation, and display important machine information such as gradients, battery levels and drive speeds.

The First-Mover will be the preferred solution for fire brigades, salvage companies, operators of parking spaces and others who needs to move cars in the safest and most sufficient manner

Where safety clearance is a keyword or space is tight, First-Mover is an invaluable aid. First-Mover is remote-controlled, allowing the user to stand up to 100 meters away from the First-Mover.

  • Handling of vehicles in buildings where height and space are limited.
  • Moving vehicles that are on fire or producing dangerous smoke.
  • Moving a vehicle that is parked inappropriately in relation to a fire lane.
  • Handling of damaged vehicles on highways, (the operator can be standing on the safe side of the barrier).
  • Additionally, FMR can lift/recover vehicles that are not completely totaled.
  • Heat shield – for use when moving burning vehicles
  • 2.5 ton 24V winch with 20-meter steel cable. Controlled via FTC units remote control.
  • Corner Post – A Convenient way to support lengths of loose material. 400mm High
  • Tow Bar – Fitted with a UK standard 50mm tow ball, other types of hitch may be fitted.
  • Fifth Wheel & Dolly – Perfect for transporting long, heavy loads. The dolly is manually steerable and gives additional 1.000kg capacity to the machine.
  • Rotating Platform – Makes it easier to manoeuvre loads through awkward spaces. A pivot block is also available to enable use with the dolly.
  • Stair Climbing Kit – Consists of a balance handle, backstop and step starters to overcome stairs.
  • A-Frame Stillage – Perfect for moving sheets of glass and other material. Under 2m high when fitted. 1.5m to 2.5m long.