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FME and FMR are specially developed for a safe working environment during salvage operations. The newly developed FME makes it possible to handle tasks that normally pose a high safety risk for the personnel performing the tasks

FMR Recovery

R – “Recovery” – lifts the vehicle via the wheels instead of on the bottom of the vehicle as (FME).

When dismantling lifting shafts, FMR can be used for the same functions as described above in section “FME”.

Maximum wheelbase length approximately 3,400 mm (i.e., Tesla Model X / Mercedes S-Class) 

Minimum length of wheelbase 1,600 mm

Maximum weight 2,800 kg (700 kg per wheel shaft set)

The Mover-unit and Flatbed are galvanically separated, thus eliminating the risk of electric shock and ensuring the FME can safely recover EV’s.

Functional Description

FMR is fully remote controlled. All functions can be operated by one person up to 100 meters away.

FMR is inserted under the crashed vehicle without the lifting shafts mounted. 

When the FMR is located under the vehicle, the lifting shafts is mounted – They can be individually adjusted i.e., to compensate for a damaged or missing wheel. 

After mounting the lifting shafts, a lashing can be mounted between the two lifting shafts.

The wrecked vehicle can then be lifted from its position and moved without the use of additional personnel or equipment!

Crash Recovery

The First-Mover can handle damaged vehicles on highways, including those that are not completely totaled.

Fire Hazardous Situations

The First-Mover is a specialized vehicle equipped to quickly and effectively handle cars that are on fire or producing dangerous smoke

Parking Garage & Tight Spaces

The First-Mover is capable of handling cars that are parked in hard-to-reach areas, effortlessly moving them around and performing tasks such as rescuing and rearranging cars within parking garages.

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