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FME and FMR are specially developed for a safe working environment during salvage operations. The newly developed FME makes it possible to handle tasks that normally pose a high safety risk for the personnel performing the tasks

Functional Description

FME is fully remote controlled. All functions can be operated by one person up to 100 meters away from the unit. 

The Mover-unit and Flatbed are galvanically separated, thus eliminating the risk of electric shock and ensuring the FME can safely recover EV’s.

The Pickup platform can be inserted under the damaged vehicle at any angle from the FME-main unit, in other words it does not have to be in a straight line in front of or behind the damaged vehicle. 

The pickup platform’s hydraulic system can lift the damaged vehicle up to 680 mm from the surface. The FME can then maneuver the damaged vehicle freely – without using of additional personnel or equipment!

If the damaged vehicle is too low to allow the platform to be driven under it (i.e., where the car has lost one or more tires) a 2,5-ton winch is fitted to the FME, which can pull the crashed vehicle up onto the pick-up platform. The winch can also be used as lashing during transport.

During maneuvering

The FME’s remote control constantly shows the slope of the mover. An acoustic warning sounds if the maximum permissible slope is exceeded.

The lifting height can be adjusted individually in the front and rear, allowing an easy salvage from e.g., a multi-level parking garage; on ferry-ramps etc. that would otherwise make the salvage impossible.


The entire frame is made of high-tension steel, which is powder-coated. All hydraulic functions are secured against hose breakage.

The top plate of the pick-up platform is made of 5 mm stainless steel, which is ideal for many years of extensive use.

The top plate can be easily replaced along with the rear end of the platform if the parts are damaged during operation.

The sloping ramp at the rear of the platform ensures an easy loading of the vehicles.

Crash Recovery

The First-Mover can handle damaged vehicles on highways, including those that are not completely totaled.

Fire Hazardous Situations

The First-Mover is a specialized vehicle equipped to quickly and effectively handle cars that are on fire or producing dangerous smoke

Parking Garage & Tight Spaces

The First-Mover is capable of handling cars that are parked in hard-to-reach areas, effortlessly moving them around and performing tasks such as rescuing and rearranging cars within parking garages.

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